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7 Tips How Loan Officers Can Stay In Front Of Borrowers, Realtor Partners, And Increase Conversions

tips for loan officers to increase conversion

We’re going to cover tips on how loan officers can stay in front of borrowers, realtor partners, and increase conversions. Whether it be a past client, realtor, real estate agent, or someone looking you up online for the first time, The Golden Rule of social media is: You must Educate, Entertain & Inspire your Audience. In order to achieve that, here are a few simple things you will need to do first.


If you research your competitors who are successful with their social media marketing, you’ll likely notice that they produce creative and, most importantly, consistent with their content to stand out from the crowd.


Create accounts on all social channels and learn which channel has the highest conversion rates. You’ll be able to determine this with the type of engagement you receive. Likes, Follows, Comments, Shares, Messages. Either way, the idea is to be where your audience is and have a wide footprint online to cover all your bases.


The great thing about this industry when it comes to social media marketing is that almost everyone wants a home. If they already have a home, then a good portion of them may be interested in refinancing. If an agent you have already connected with is looking for a loan officer, you’ll be fresh in their mind because they consistently see your post. Loan officers typically suggest getting in front of as many realtors as you can for potential leads, but you also want to talk to and stay in front of as many potential borrowers as you can.


Again, the key is to create creative & engaging content. In addition to that, don’t forget you’re selling yourself just as much as the service you’re offering, so making sure you brand your content to yourself will keep the focus on you, create trust, and help you stay top of mind when someone is ready to act.

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Other than being a good loan officer, everything will ultimately come down to timing. Social media and email marketing allow you to be there at the right moment. If you go for long periods of time without posting content, either the borrower or agent will go with someone else, and you risk missing opportunities for business.


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When people meet or speak to you for the first time, there’s a good chance they are going to look you up online. With Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. people will follow you if your content is interesting, plus it helps build your credibility. Your followers will also recommend you to their friends and family if you do this well enough.


You might think mortgage lending isn’t interesting… it is! Don’t focus on new clients getting mortgages or existing clients refinancing. Look at this from the client’s perspective and you will have a whole new world of content and interesting topics (e.g., selecting a broker, preparing for your application, types of mortgages, which repayment structure helps you own your home faster, first-time home buyer tips, and more). If you post a wide variety of content associated with mortgage and lending, you get to show your audience the mortgage expert you are and that you understand the borrowers and their needs.